Glad you came thru

Glad you came thru my friend, I am so happy and pleased to see you hear.

As I started writing about a lovely, green, super lush, jungle-like and almost secret spot near the river, I heard a song that resonated with me so much and where I currently find myself in life that I had to stop and enjoy it, dance around in the room and sing along.

So blessed to be here now

Drops of rain falling down

Gatherin’ around by the ocean

Hear the sound, yes

The idea of starting this blog was originally born because I closed my Facebook account and wanted to keep sharing the things that matter to me; gardening, producing food, taking our lives and health – both physically and mentally – into our own hands. I had never thought of the idea of starting a blog before, but from the moment the idea popped into my head, it felt just so right. So many pieces from the puzzle called life are falling together, it’s serendipity.

It’s not easy to break through the patterns set out for us that make us live a life that might not fully resonate with who we are. But know there’s a bunch of people out there, a whole tribe, that is ignoring the status quo and living as closest to their hearts as possible.

And everyone just do what you do

Feel that spirit

It’s calling you

Sing it all my friends

So glad you came through

It feels a little strange, to talk about happiness and blissful moments in a blog about gardening and recipes. But what is gardening and cooking without meaning and happiness? And besides, who am I to talk about it? This thought brought me back to about five years ago when I had a powerful experience whilst on an Ayuahuasca retreat. It was not during a ceremony as you might think, but during a mediation. Pondering the question of why I am on earth and what I am good for, all of a sudden a voice spoke to me saying that I could shine my light of happiness on others. This thought beamed such strong energy through my spine that it straighten my back and almost elevated me from the ground.

By sharing the moments and places that elevate and recharge my spirit I hope to reflect a little bit of my light on you. It’s a brand new blog and I find myself living in the songs that I have felt. What bliss!

Oooh, its a brand new day
(la, la, la, la, la, la, la)
We find ourselves living in the songs we have felt
(Brighter than the day, people)

Here’s the song, play it loud, dance, sing along… Have your little moment of bliss: Glad you came thru – Tubby love & Paul Izak.

2 thoughts on “Glad you came thru

  1. Hoi Eva, ik heb je gevonden. Hoop veel mooie berichten van jou hier te lezen. Maar hoe houd ik contact met je als ik mijn mooie geluksmomenten met jou wil delen of als ik een foto met jou wil delen. Via WhatsApp?
    Lieve groeten Joke Wignand

    1. Ja, welkom! Fijn dat je er bent. Appen lijkt me handig, ik geniet graag van jouw geluksmomentjes mee. Ik heb je dochter een berichtje gestuurd 😊

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