Asturian jungle

Dappled shade, lush vegetation, cold water… this is all I wanted. The intense heat of the last days instantly flows out of my body and mind. The rays of sun shining through the canopy, slight breeze and happy birds.

At the end of the path there’s a natural pool waiting for me, but no rush. I soak in the shade, look up at the mighty chestnut trees and greet the faces in their bark. They must be over a hundred years old. I stop to observe the ferns and imagine speeding up the time to see them unfold. Their geometry is so perfect, no wonder it’s sacred. The hazels are fruiting and so are the blackberry bushes. I must come back later in the season.

In the middle of the hanging bridge, I am welcomed by the full sun again. It’s nice to feel its radiation, my skin warms up and I look down at the pool. Can’t wait to get in!

The water is crystal clear with a turquoise hint. It’s cold, yes, but ow so lovely. I swim against the current and let myself float back again. Why on earth would I want to do anything else at this exact moment? I could drive a couple of kilometres extra to swim in the ocean and maybe catch some waves, but it would be crazy crowded. This, right here, right now, is perfect. My private little oasis in the heart of the Asturian jungle.

2 thoughts on “Asturian jungle

  1. Beautiful! I lived in the mountains of Asturias for five years, it truly is a natural paradise, so green and wild. I also preferred rivers over the sea for swimming, the water was always cold but what a magical thing to do. I hope you enjoy many more moments of pure Asturian bliss! 😊

    1. How lovely! Yes, Asturias is quite special. Any time soon now we’ll be moving to Galicia. Can’t wait to discover the hidden gems overhere.

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