Into the mighty forest

The intense heat and the move had exhausted me quite a bit. Knowing it wouldn’t last forever I gave myself permission to do only the bare essential – all the rest could wait.

But, the last couple of days have been bliss with fresh air and plenty of rain and I felt the energy flowing back.

I regain the desire to wander around and discovered that the forest behind our house is way bigger and more mystical than I could fancy. Mighty old oaks, big boulders overgrown with moss and ivy, ruins and I’m pretty sure some fairies as well.

It’s a joy to watch the curiosity and excitement of Puelche – our not even one-year-old kitten – to see what’s around the next corner, and how’s the view from above this boulder or halfway up the tree. She’s full of life and her energy is contagious!

Garden plans

The slower days have gone, and it’s time to get into action again. The plans for the garden are taking shape in my head and I’ve even started removing some ornamental plants to a new and better-suited spot, freeing up space for a temporal winter veggie bed. I’ve been picking apples and am brewing vinegar as we speak. And speaking of brews, I’ll be preparing some JADAM and fermented nettle juice soon to give the winter veggies the best possible start in this new and unknown soil. I’ll let you know how that goes.

‘Till than lovelies!

2 thoughts on “Into the mighty forest

    1. Thanks Lis!

      It’s such a luxury to walk out your door and find yourself immersed into nature, as opposed to first having to grab your car.

      The soil smells good but is super hard. I remember reading once about a soil humidifier from the Korean Natural Farming method but have to dive deeper into this.

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