Still feels like summer

We’re almost in the second half of October. The days get shorter, the mornings are misty and the nights are cool, but the afternoons …

The afternoons are slow, soft and sunny. It’s like time was put on a hold and it’s still summer. Summer the way it was meant to be, slow, soft and sunny.

Last summer went by so quickly, without the time and head space to really enjoy it, it feels like a second chance. I must stop now and do nothing else than just to feel the grass, the sun, the wind and to look up into the far horizon.

There’s no urge, no rush, just this moment, this little summer on top of the hill.

But life goes on

I soak in those moments of peace and wish they’d last forever, but life goes on. I had wanted to share more, but whenever I have the time to sit down and write I actually spend the hours trying to find a way to make this site truly multilingual. I keep stumbling upon new issues. Nonetheless, I’m not giving up. You must know I’m a dreamer, and doer too!

I dream of a site where I can share with you the joys of my simple life. A site that’s 100% English, Spanish or Dutch, so you can read it and use it in the language that truly speaks to your heart.

But, that’s easier said than done. So, please be patient with me and keep checking the site every now and than. Know I’ll be working on it.

A short recap

We’ve got rid of some rotten fruit trees, used the logs to fill the new raised garden beds and planted loads of new trees. I’ll dedicate a full blog post to the garden changes โ€” as quite some thinking went into the design. You might find it intresting.

Garden before and after

Foraging seaweeds

I fell completely in love with the coast of Oya, a rough, unspoiled and clean coastline just above Portugal. It’s another place that urges you to stand still and do nothing else than just enjoy being there. So, that’s another post on the waiting list: foraging seaweeds, how to preserve it, what to make with it and why you should too!

A very happy me

Wild food makes me happy, whether it be wild herbs, mushrooms or seaweeds there’s something special about it. Depending on how wet this season will be, I’ll sure share some of mushroom treasures with you as well.

Food with friends

There’s truly nothing like sharing food with friends. Especially when it’s foraged or grown from seeds. It’s another thing that makes me happy, as you can well tell from the photo below where I’m holding a bowl of beetroot spaghetti. A simple but special lunch for a lifetime friend that came to visit me from the Netherlands.

ยกBuen provecho!

After all, it was worth dehydrating so many vegetables from the old garden. And, this is btw our kitchen. Let me know if you’re interested in a tour of the house someday.

I think that’s sums it all up for now. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this little summer with me. ‘Till then lovelies!

2 thoughts on “Still feels like summer

  1. You’re so right, it feels summery, and yet I can feel the autumn chill <3 It's like a perfect weather for all the planning in the garden <3 I have yet to plant trees and I hope the weather waits for me! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Hi Juliet,

      How lovely, isn’t it?
      Regarding planting trees…. it all depends on where you live ๐Ÿ™‚ And, if they’re winter hardy just go for it! It will give your trees the time to settle into their new place so they’re ready to kick off with all energy next spring. Yeah!

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