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  • How to make Sauerkraut
    Cabbage is a winter must-have for your garden … Now the days are rapidly growing longer and temperatures rise it’s time to swap the winter veggies for the summer ones. So the answer surges, what shall we do with all these cabbages? Sauerkraut is the answer!
  • Spring garden tour
    Spring must be the most exciting time of the year. After a winter of dormancy all of a sudden nature starts to wake up, each day there’s a new bird singing, a new flower blooming and a new bud unfolding … I made you a little video to walk you through the garden.
  • A simple bread recipe
    What’s not to love about homemade bread? I mean, it’s cheap, it’s healthy, it’s versatile, it’s comfy and makes your house smell like heaven. Here’s a simple, foolproof recipe that you can make truly your own.
  • Simple ways to compost
    Some simple ways to compost and the reasons why you should give it a try!
  • The magic of a regenerating forest
    Walk with me through this burned forest and see the magic as it slowly recovers and regenerates.
  • Redesigning the garden in Autumn
    Redesigning a low-maintenance garden to become a bounty full food forest with the help of permaculture principles, a Hugelkultur and Korean Natural farming techniques.

I am Puerto Marita and I love to live simply

Well, actually, my name is Eva Marita and I’m married to a guy named Puerto. Let me tell you our story

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